Fast-food has changed forever. Especially for a mall in New Jersey.

This is RoboBurger, a vending machine that serves made-to-order burgers, has debuted at Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City.

The machine gives customers a chance to order “restaurant-quality freshly grilled burgers from scratch” at the touch of a button.

The story behind this machine is fascinating. Here is an excerpt from RoboBurger’s website:

“RoboBurger was founded in 2019 by Audley, Dan and Andy, 3 people with passion for engineering, robotics and delicious burgers, made from exceptional quality ingredients. They dreamt that students would have access to hot, fresh and affordable meals even at 2.00 AM while they prepare for finals. That travelers will never be forced into eating a cold overpriced sandwich in an airport, unless that’s what they choose to do.

And that busy employees will never have to eat a vending machine candy bar as a meal replacement ever again.”

Don’t be fooled by the quick convenience of the machine. It prepares your order in a five-step process that involves grilling the burger patty, toasting the bun, applying condiments, putting the burger together, and then delivering it through a chute.

@Chancellor_Green When is UNL getting one of these? 🤔👀

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