I think we all heard that news and were like… HUH?? The initial reaction is that Miley is too good for Cody Simpson, right? I mean she went from HUNKY Liam Australian Hemsworth and to CODY SIMPSON? But I think he’s truly someone who can’t shake the teen corny image we have of him…

First off, I totally didn’t know HE was Australian. We get it Miley, accents are hot. THEN I checked out his Insta and daaaaaaaaamn that boy is fit! Like CRAZY fit. Incredible body, and honestly a bit of a hottie! But there’s STILL that “Cody Simpson” stigma…

FINALLY I remembered that there just has to be something irresistible about this guy BECAUSE…. he dated Gigi Hadid for forever!! Do you remember that?! Kinda like how Brian Austen Green gets to be with Megan Fox… like, there’s SOMETHING we’re not getting. Ya know? If he’s good enough for Gigi AND Miley… good enough for all of us I guess!

Frankly the photo below makes me a little uncomfortable, I’m not shipping these 2 just yet… but enjoy if you’re into it!

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