The Top Signs Your Boss Hates You

Do you think your boss has it out for you?  You’ll know for sure if you can identify with anything on this list of The Top Signs Your Boss Hates You.

Your last Christmas bonus was a high five.

He sends you to Starbucks every day.  Not for coffee, but to see if they’ll hire you.

The only time he gives you a special project to work on is when the toilet’s clogged.

Most of his motivational speeches are just her telling everyone else not to be like you.

The mug she gave you at Christmas says “World’s Worst Employee.”

He tells you that the company’s drug testing policy is for you to test as many drugs as possible.

You asked for a standup desk, so she took your chair away.

The sign over your parking spot says, “Reserved for a Person I Hate.”

She replaced your stapler with a bloody pig heart.

You were asked to sign a Non-Annoyance Agreement.

Most of your conversations begin with him asking how you became such a complete waste of space.

You see your number on the bathroom wall, and it’s in his handwriting.

Your boss is like everyone else who knows you.



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