The future is now…you’ve heard people say “don’t reinvent the wheel” but University Of Akron thought some innovation was in order.

Behold the SMART tire, or the ‘Shape Memory Alloy Radial Technology’ tire

The SMART tire company has plans to bring this NASA technology back down to earth. the space-age tire aims to transform the performance of vehicles on and off road, widening the scope of mobility going forward. The super-elastic tires were originally developed by NASA and have now been commercialized for use on earth by the startup.

These things are airless, durable, and will never go flat. Composed from a special material, nitinol+ (nickel titanium), a ‘shape memory alloy’ that’s elastic like rubber, yet strong like titanium.

Watch demonstration footage above, and take a number to be in line to get these on your car.

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