Tooth Fairy Rate Increase

A new poll has revealed what the average going rate is from the tooth fairy. There are always milestones that parents look forward to with their children, and a lot of them involve holidays and big events. Parents always look forward to a child’s first Christmas, their first day of school, and the first time they lose a tooth. This is a sign for a lot of parents that their child is growing up, and while it can be a bit sad, it is exciting. That is because most children know that the tooth fairy is coming.  Read more HERE.

This poll was done by an insurance company, Delta Dental.

It found that the average cost of a tooth is $5.36 per tooth.
This is an annual poll, so it is easy to track how much the cost has gone up.
Last year, the average rate was $4.70.
Back in 2019, the average rate was $3.70.

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