According to me… 🙂
1. Lizzo – Is there anything more entertaining than ANYTHING Lizzo does live?! No. She’s the best. (If ANYONE else did a giant Sir Mix A Lot blow up booty… I would roll my eyes. She does it and I laugh)


2. Shawn & Camila – So hot. So steamy. Shawn is SOOOOOO fine. And the only thing that would have made it better woulda been an ACTUAL kiss.. but those two knew what they were doing. ADORABLE


3. Taylor Swift – I mean it’s TAYLOR, so anything she does I will stan. This one mainly because she gave the video message/stars/dancers another chance in the spotlight and that’s cool. But ALSO because she sang “Lover” live for the first time and it’s only been out 1 week and EVERYONE knew all the words! Amazing. Love her. Foreva & eva.