Seriously, does this guy not CARE?!


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Backstory. Tristan Thompson is the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player that Khloe Kardashian got pregnant with, and then he cheated on her while she was like 2 weeks from giving birth… What a freakin DOG, right?! And it was SO public. Like… on video. Idiot.

Now they have their adorable 10 month old daughter True, and Khloe has faced criticism but she DID stay with him and tried to work it out.

Well NOW… he cheated AGAIN! This time, it’s just as bad as the first circumstance, and maybe even WORSE… he cheated with a basic family member; Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods! (Kylie and Khlioe are sisters in case you are currently taking residence under a rock) *GASP* How COULD she?! And what a freaking douche he is, why is he even going after her?? She’s only 21, he’s 27, and she’s SO close to the family… she lives with Kylie and Travis… she’s been Kylie’s BFF for years… Kiley and Jordyn refer to each other as “wife”… They are in BUSINESS together too and started a line of makeup under Kylie Cosmetics called “BFFs”. Tristan is such. a. freaking. IDIOT.

This Insta caption has to sting a bit now…

So now, Khloe has left him. And literally every Kardashian family member has unfollowed Jordyn on Instagram… which means a TON, if you didn’t know.

So Tristan is the biggest a$$, but how could Jordyn betray the family like that?? Khloe was like a big sister to her too! It’s pretty sad. And sad that Kylie lost her best friend. Or do you think she will get over it? Would YOU be able to?? The other question is… this family is run by a marketing genius, Kris Jenner! Is this all SET UP to make a good story line for their show?! I would certainly hope not, but with the Kardashians ya never know…

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