Truckers Help Rescue Woman In Omaha

A team of truckers parked on Interstate 680 in Omaha as first responders helped someone suffering a mental health crisis.

The incident occurred around 10:15 a.m. Monday morning near Blondo Street on I-680 when officers saw a woman holding onto the fence on the interstate bridge, according to authorities.

Omaha police said they worked with the Nebraska State Patrol and semi-truck drivers to shut down the interstate. A firefighter used a ladder on top of one of the trucks to help the woman down. The woman was not injured, but first responders took her to the hospital where she was placed under protective custody, according to authorities.

If you or anyone you know, needs help or is experiencing a crisis, 988 is the number to call. The new hotline works like 911 but will provide mental health help based on the area code of the person who calls.

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