A 5-year-old Utah boy who was busted driving his parents’ SUV while on a mission to buy a Lamborghini ended up scoring a ride in one of the luxury sports cars after all. Pint-sized speed demon Adrian Zamarripa’s story caught the attention of a neighbor — who offered him a ride in his own Lambo. “He had the courage to just go after what he wanted, you know?” said Jeremy Neves. “He didn’t have the skill set, let alone the size to drive a vehicle, and he figured it out. Maybe he’s getting punished, maybe he’s grounded, maybe he’s got some chores to do … At the same time, I thought it would be really cool to say, ‘Your dreams aren’t as far away as you think they are.’ ” Photos show the child grinning in the passenger seat of Neves’ shiny black ride. Zamarripa was zooming at 32 mph on a freeway in Ogden Monday when cops spotted him swerving erratically and pulled him over, thinking it was inpaired adult driver.

You can see pictures of the boy here.