Want to get married for free? Just take a trip to Hell on Leap Day!

The township of Hell, Michigan — population 70 — is offering a good opportunity this Leap Day, February 29th, for those looking to avoid wedding planning: free nuptials for 29 couples, to take place at 2:29 p.m. “When you get married in Hell, there’s nowhere for your marriage to go but up,” says the Rev. Yvonne Williams, who will be officiating the mass knot-tying. The ceremony will take place no matter what — even if Hell has frozen over that day, which it quite literally did in January of 2019. “It’ll happen in whatever weather Michigan gives us that day,” Williams says. The forecast currently predicts a chance of snow. The group wedding will be “short and sweet,” she adds, estimating it will take less than 10 minutes. Non-Michigan couples need to get licenses from the Livingston County courthouse, while in-state couples can bring one from any Michigan county. And your anniversary will only happen every four years.