In the new ad above, the “Fast and the Furious” actor’s vintage look can be seen for the “That Jif’ing Good” campaign, which premiered on Monday (Aug 16).

The ad is playing off of Luda’s new song, Butter.Atl (below) which marks his first song in about 4 years as he took much time away from music to focus on acting.

The song even name drops the peanut butter giant —

Ludacris spreadin’ my gift like Jif
And I’m stuck in your grill like peanut butter

In an interview, Ludacris said “Yes, I would say this is the catalyst for me getting back into music because I’ve been gone for a little while. For all the Ludacris fans, you can let them know, I promise you, I will definitely put out more music. It’s hard to say no when you get that call about Fast and Furious 15, 20 and 25,”

Whether hes tied up making Fast & Furious 46 or not, Butter.Atl slaps.

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