Wedding Guest Wears White To Wedding

A woman went viral after revealing that a wedding guest wore a white gown to her sister’s wedding.  The original video posted by @imlostplsfindme has since been deleted but Kimberly Floyd, @livelovekimmy, stitched the video so we can still see it.

One of the unsaid rules of being a polite wedding guest is making sure not to upstage or upset the bride, whether that includes acting appropriately or avoiding wearing a white gown.

“This cruella [sic] attention seeker wore a white gown with a train that’s right now pinned up to my sister’s wedding,” the on-screen text read.  What do YOU think?

@livelovekimmy #stitch with @imlostplsfindme like either leave or cut the bride a check for stealing the reception 💵😡 #SmoothLikeNitroPepsi #viral #weddingtiktok #normalize ♬ Habibi (Albanian Remix) – Ricky Rich & Dardan

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