Effie Krokos won a $50,000 settlement with the city of Loveland, Colorado, after a police officer tried to bust her for playing Frisbee without a shirt on. Krokos, a 20-year-old community college student, ultimately prevailed by citing a recent 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, which allows for a woman to be topless anywhere a man can be topless. “If you fight, chances are you are going to make some kind of difference,” she said. But her troubles aren’t over: She’s been receiving threatening messages in the aftermath, with critics calling her “liberal scum” and asking for her address so they can take her picture. Krokos is taking it in stride. Recently, she laid out topless in her yard. The police didn’t show. “Just fight,” she says. “You are going to do something for your community, for yourself, and it’s better to fight than to just take it laying down because there’s probably other women who have had a similar experience.”