A Wisconsin woman picked up a chicken sandwich at the KFC in Waukesha about 8 p.m. on Saturday, but complained it had been made incorrectly. Staffers offered to make her another sandwich, but she called police to report that the drive-thru worker gave her “an attitude.” She also told police she “did not feel comfortable” eating the replacement meal and demanded a refund. The officers explained to her that this was not their problem. Her complaint was a civil matter, not a police issue, they said. In November, police were called to the same KFC outlet, where a man was irate because of a 40-minute delay on his order, which staffers said was due to a fryer on the fritz. Another customer offered to buy the disgruntled customer his chicken for him before being told that was impossible as the fryer was still broken. The second customer also began a confrontation with staff and was subsequently banned from the eatery.


2 days ago