When a U.K. woman named Charli Lello was furloughed due to the pandemic, the bored 29-year-old former retail manager decided to get herself a pet — or, in this case, hatch three ducks. “I got the idea from a video that popped up on my Facebook feed of someone hatching quail eggs,” Lello said. So she went to the supermarket and picked up both quail and duck eggs. She didn’t expect the stunt to work — and, for the quail eggs, she was correct. But three ducks named Beep, Peep and Meep defied the odds and hatched. A spokesperson for the supermarket in a statement that it is “rare” to find fertilized eggs on their store shelves, but added that they are “entirely indistinguishable from normal eggs.” The duck egg producer also said that “it is a feat of remarkably slim odds that a duckling has been hatched,” and suspect that a wild male duck paid a discreet visit to one or more of their female ducks.