Woman Is Charged For Dinner At Friend’s House

Podcast host Amber Nelson couldn’t believe what she was seeing when a friend charged her for a casual dinner at home.

‘Got invited to someone’s place for dinner and they charged me for it … this is weird, right?’ the American woman wrote to her 13,000 Twitter followers in disbelief.

She added that her friend casually mentioned wanting money for the pasta she was serving during the night and then sent her a Venmo (instant payment) request a few hours later for $20.

The tweet went viral in a matter of hours and received thousands of responses slamming the abnormal behaviour.

‘This makes me not want to accept offerings in the future,’ Amber said in a follow-up tweet. ‘My southern Grandma is rolling in her grave.’

Many came forward to validate Amber’s shock.  ‘It’s beyond weird,’ said one woman. ‘It’s sociopathic.’

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