SOURCE — Police in New Jersey say a church bingo night went awry after an allegation that two players had taped a called number onto their card to claim a bingo win. Investigators say 71-year-old Teresa Davis and 38-year-old Keasha Brockington said they had the winning card carrying a prize of nearly $200 Thursday at Saint Maria Goretti Church Hall, but a church volunteer noticed that one of the winning numbers had been taped over the number on the card.

By Willy J –  Aha! The classic tape the winning number for a Bingo trick, I’ve heard of that one. But you have to be a real degenerate to even attempt it.

Cheating in Bingo is like washing your plastic plates, it’s a new low in life. If it was just a usual Bingo game at the local street fair, it wouldn’t look as bad. But those two women cheated at a Church Bingo Night. Terrible look.

How do you even come up with that plan? Here’s how I think it went:

“Hey what are you doing tonight?”

“Wanna go to Bingo Night at the church up the street?”

“I’m in, before we go, let me show you a little trick I learned that isn’t quite allowed but will make you bank.”

Well it worked! One of them ended up winning the $200 prize! But they got caught and actually got arrested for improper behavior! Who knew you could actually get charged for cheating in Bingo, they take it seriously in New Jersey!

I don’t know even want to know what the room was like when everyone found the two women cheated. If you have ever played Bingo in a big setting, then you would know the competition is tense and the environment isn’t very welcoming. I played Bingo at a casino in Minnesota a few months ago with my family. My mom actually won 350 bucks! But if there was one thing I noticed, the majority crowd at Bingo games are edgy and rough. If you do so much as yell Bingo when you don’t have one, even if it was an accident, you’re immediately at risk. They will kill you. Don’t cheat in Bingo. Not only do you have a chance of getting arrested, you also have a chance of getting the crap beat of you.