You may Need a Vaccine Passport to Travel in 2021

Coronavirus vaccines have been administered in the US, and people are clamoring to get them in hopes it will reopen businesses and events.

Agreeing, companies are now considering implementing a new policy for things like travel, going to the movies, attending concerts, and shopping.

The policy suggests getting a Vaccine Passport Application on your phone.

Several technology companies are creating this technology for users to upload details about their COVID-19 vaccine history.

This will allow events and businesses to set boundaries on who does and does not get to enter.

Several airlines, including Jet Blue and United, have partnered with The Common Trust Network to implement similar programs.

The airline will have a CommonPass App where a QR code can be generated to show a person’s vaccine and medical history to show authorities.

If you’re asking me? Creepy. Necessary? Idk but creepy? For SURE!


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