20 Year Old Walks To Work 20 Miles To Not Miss Work

20-year-old Walter Carr had just got a job at an Alabama moving company.  The first location he was assigned to was nearly 20 miles away from his home. Normally, the distance would not have mattered for Walter because he had a car. But that is where the problem arose: it broke down. For many, this would have been a good enough excuse to skip out on the first day of the job. Or, at the very least, turn up late.

Walter was not going to miss his first day though, so he slept for 4 hours and then started walking.  Then, he got a surprising but deserving reward for his dedication. Luke, his job’s CEO, showed his gratitude for the employee by gifting him a car – Marlin’s own new 2014 Ford Escape.

Although this story is from 2018, it is a great reminder of the dedication of one employee and amazing act of kindness from his boss!


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