Influencers dating advice

Social Media Influencers are taking over.  Thanks to stars like Kylie Jenner who is one of the highest-paid Influencers pulling in $986,000 per post.  However, to what point would you accept advice from a social media influencer?  Koko Beaute dropped dating advice on her Tik Tok and is now getting destroyed for it.  She posted a video about what constitutes a great first date and it’s not being received very well by the TikTok community.  Some have called her “high maintenance”.  She said, “I do not accept a coffee or a walk as a possible date option.  First of all, I’m not a dog that needs to be walked.  Second, I have a Nespresso machine at home – works fabulous”. Koko Beaute said that she is fine with dinner as a first-date option.

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