A makeup artist took to TikTok to share two common makeup mistakes she sees that make women look older.

She said extra-thick voluminous eyelashes and powder eyeshadow.

She said to reduce the volume and length of the eyelashes by 30% and swap out powder eyeshadow for a winged liner in a soft tone.

Well, some women in the comments did not appreciate her help.

One person wrote: “I’m over 50, I’ll wear whatever makes me smile. I spent way too many years caring about what others thought of me.”

Another person wrote: “see but you’re talking to us older ladies who know by now we only need to please ourselves with our decisions. If YOU feel good….wear it”


The 2 most common mistakes women over 40 make in their makeup. #makeupover40tips #barelytheremakeup #makeuprevolution

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