The MTV VMAs are set for September 12th and it wouldn’t be the VMAs if something unexpected didn’t happen when the artist/band were accepting their moon person award. Here are some of the most memorable acceptance speeches:

2002 – Eminem talked about his beef with Moby.
2002 – Michael Jackson thought he was receiving an award and came up to give a speech, but he wasn’t actually getting an award.

2009 – “I’mma let you finish” – Kanye during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Video by a Female Artist.

2011 – Bieber forgot to thank his girlfriend at the time, Selena Gomez.

2011 – Tyler, The Creator dropped several f-bombs.

2012 – Drake’s heartwarming speech to kids who have ever had to walk home alone.

2013 – Taylor Swift thanks Harry Styles for being an inspiration for her song.


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