Server’s Paycheck Raises Concerns

The internet has collectively stepped up to call out a college bar in which a young woman’s paycheck amounted to $0 every week.

The now-viral post has garnered 6,600 upvotes and 500 comments, and it is titled, “My daughter got a job in a bar and her paychecks are zero every week. WTF.” Redditor @7dayweekendgirl shared the post to the subreddit “Antiwork,” and it has been turning heads ever since.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, an employer is required to pay an employee $2.13 an hour in wages on a basis that what the employee is paid in tips will come out to the federal minimum wage of $7.25. But if the worker makes less than the federal minimum wage along with the added $2.13, a tip credit must be paid to “fill the gap” to equal the federal requirement.  Read the full story HERE.

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