The CinemaCon audience got the first look at the new “Matrix 4” movie. The official title and trailer were revealed on Tuesday (August 24) and the audience got a look at how Neo, revived by Keanu Reeves, Trinity played by Carrie Ann Moss and Neil Patrick Harris who plays a therapist. The Matrix: Resurrections gives you everything you’d expect from a Matrix movie, action, mid-air twists, and cool graphics.  Prior to the trailer rolling, Reeves and Moss appeared in a behind-the-scenes clip where they discussed making the film and how the original Matrix impacted their lives. “The first Matrix felt like something beyond yourself…” said Reeves. The Matrix: Resurrections will arrive in theatres on December 22nd. Although the trailer was only for the CinemaCon crowd, for now, there’s no doubt the trailer will hit social media soon. How did the original Matrix change your life?

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