Clare Crawley, a 38 year old hairstylist, was just announced this morning as the new pick for Bachelorette! This is a TOTAL curveball! This will be her 4th time on the franchise, and again… she’s 38!

This is important people. For some context… the last Bachelorette was 24. Two of the finalists on this season of The Bachelor (the normal pool where they choose the next Bachelorette from) are 23 and 24. So basically, having a female even over THIRTY on this show is rare! So this is nearly miraculous!! Thank God, about time.

I admit I only saw her in Bachelor Winter Games (I wasn’t a viewer yet for all her previous seasons) but after watching the video above I am SO excited to see her take the lead role as a mature, confident woman who can actually articulate her choices and emotions! How refreshing!

Are you excited about the choice?

  • Lindsey