Want to know if your boyfriend or husband is lying? Here’s how to tell, according to Jan Hargrave, body-language expert and author of “Freeway of Love.” The ear pull — If he tugs on his ear, it may be a subconscious ploy to distract you from the big, fat fib coming out of his mouth.

  • The arched eyebrow — A cocked brow sends a contradictory signal — half aggressive, half scared.
  • The unmixed message — He’s hiding something from you.
  • The chin dip — Right before your man coughs up the story of the century, he’ll sometimes lower his chin to keep down the butterflies in his stomach.
  • The shoulder shrug — A shoulder shrug feigns bewilderment, as in “How could she think I’d lie to her?” But what he’s really thinking is: “How the heck did she catch me?”
  • The hand rub — If your man’s sweating buckets, his palms will itch, forcing him to rub them together or wipe them on his pants.
  • The leg shift — Shifting his weight from one leg to the other may indicate a shifty response to your burning question.