Are These Singing Ghosts?

It’s hard remembering all the lyrics, especially when you’re dead. That is, if you believe these lights and voices are coming from ghosts. It is definitely “out-of-this-world”. We’ll let you decide what you think they are!

@incognitogamingtv Poltergeists caught on doorbell camera singing sesame street: So my doorbell camera went off and started recording movements. What happens next is a one in a million catch! They look like shining stars! They were mimicking the sesame street jingle!!!! I think they were trying to communicate with the camera! Asking “Can you tell me how to get?” There were three of them clicking or the door while dodging the hail stones!!! This is truly scary!!! (WATCH TILL THE END) Thoughts??? #fyp #scary #doorbell #poltergeistactivity #terror #ghosts #viraltiktok #poltergeist #aliens #scarystories #foryourpage #trending #viral ♬ original sound – N-COG

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