Ring Doorbell Helps End Bullying

11-year-old, Shayden Walker, was on a mission to find a friend and rang doorbells around his neighborhood. Brennan, the owner of one of those houses, took the video and put it on Tik Tok. The video went viral and many people decided to help out by donating to a GoFundMe for Shayden – it raised so much money they had to stop accepting donations.

See it here….

@brennanray Its takes 2 seconds to make someones day, you never know what people are going through until you get a chance to talk to them. This young man is well mannered, kind, and brave. So tiktok can we help shayden make some friends???#fyp #bekind #nobullying #love #kindness #letschangetheworld ♬ original sound – Brennan Ray

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