Social media culture is starting a trend where famous people no longer want to take photos with fans . . . because it’s become more about bragging rights on Instagram than about sharing a moment.

JIM CARREY is the latest.  He says he flat out refuses to take photos with people now, and he doesn’t feel bad about it.

Quote, “I don’t feel there’s a pressing responsibility to please everyone.  I’m not unkind to people, but I’d much prefer saying ‘hello,’ and ‘who are you,’ and ‘what are you doing today?,’ to giving a selfie.  Because selfies stop life . . .

“It’s [just] going on Instagram to give people a false sense of relevance.  Everybody was so gaga about Steve Jobs, but I picture him in hell, running from demons who want a selfie.”

Here are 15 other celebrities who don’t want photos with fans in public:

Chris Pratt recently said he doesn’t take photos with fans for the same reason . . . social media devalues the experience.  As did Emily BluntFrances McDormandAmy Poehler, and “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams.

Emma Watson has said she doesn’t do it because people post it on social media immediately, and then everyone knows where she is and what she’s doing.  Panic! At the Disco won’t do it on their downtime on tour, because they think it’s creepy when everyone knows where they’re staying.

Jennifer Lawrence won’t do it for safety concerns, and she’s perfectly fine coming across as “rude” about it.  The same goes for Amy Schumer.

Zoe Saldana won’t do it if she’s with her kids, because then she’s showing them it’s okay to talk to strangers.  Russell Crowe won’t do it if he’s with his kids, because he doesn’t want their time with him stolen away.

Chrissy Metz from “This Is Us” says she’s learning to say no if she’s in the middle of ‘life’ and it could disturb others.

Justin Bieber and Sean Penn say the photos make them feel like “zoo animals,” and Kit Harington says it makes him feel like a mannequin.