Adult Brothers Seeking Family

It is hard not being a part of a family, especially if you have NEVER had one! For D-Rich (@davonwoodsfc) and his brother, that is a reality they have had to live with. So, these brothers are on a search to find one that they can call their own. Watch the heartfelt video below….

@davonwoodsfc Any families out there got room for two people 🥹 We just really want to be able to know what it feel like to be apart of a actual family and not feeling left out or like strangers 💯💯 I done tried it multiple times with different people but we just want to be able to have a family that come and see us, come to our events, call us , check in on us, and love on us ❤️ It’s hard doing what we do and still feel like you don’t have many people around you but it’s the truth. Sometimes I try to ignore it but honesty it’s something I always wanted was to be apart of a family & actually feel welcomed 🙏🏽 #family #davonwoods #adoption #love #share #fosterkidsmatter❤️ ♬ Sad Scene BGM Piano Instrument(313618) – HomeMadeGarbage

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