Anti-Vaxxers & Will Smith’s I Am Legend

Anti-Vaxxers say Will Smith’s ‘I Am Legend’ Proves Vaccines turn People into Zombies One anti-vaxxer has come up with “proof” that getting vaccinated could lead to disastrous results. Brett Schumacher, the owner of Metro Optics Eyewear in New York, tells the New York Times he’s convinced most of his staff to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. But one of them refused — and had an interesting reason for being leery of the shot. “One employee said she was concerned because she thought a vaccine had caused the characters in the film ‘I Am Legend’ to turn into zombies,” the Times recounts. “People opposed to vaccines have circulated that claim about the movie’s plot widely on social media.” However, the paper goes on to note that the flick’s zombies were the result of a “genetically reprogrammed virus, not by a vaccine.” What’s the wildest conspiracy theory you’ve heard?


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