Caretaker Stole From Woman Dying From Coronavirus

A heartless eldercare worker swiped an 86-year-old Denver woman’s engagement ring and credit cards in the days before she died of the coronavirus. Elizabeth Daniels, 29, allegedly pocketed Barbara Gust’s $13,000 diamond ring and brought it to a pawn shop as the octogenarian suffered from the illness at The Carillon at Belleview Station retirement community. Daniels is also accused of making purchases with Gust’s card on April 15th, the day the elderly woman died. “We were unable to have any access to her for four weeks, and then we found out she had the virus, which is just heartbreaking,” said Gust’s daughter-in-law. “[Daniels] should not have had access to vulnerable people at a time of crisis like this, where her own family couldn’t reach her, but a thief could.” Police recovered Gust’s engagement ring from a pawn shop. Daniels was charged with theft from an at-risk person, identity theft, and more.

See the video below: