Cheater Or Clout Chaser?

Is this guy a cheater OR a clout chaser? We’ll let you decide. Here are the two videos but there has been NO response from him since. What do you think??


@tiktokerrhtlv #cheater #fyp #nashville ♬ original sound – Tiktokerr


@tiktokerrhtlv Replying to @Jess we met on Tinder last week and have been just texting and talking. We “hung out” while her kid was asleep and then she also laid down to nap. I went in the bedroom to ask if she wanted something to drink and then noticed wedding photos in a collage on the wall. Ill update with tinder profile when I get time tonight or in the morning. #whoismacy #cheater ♬ original sound – Tiktokerr

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