Couple Seeking Nude Movers

A Nudist Couple is offering $2,600 to help them move, if you’re naked too

A nudist couple seeking a mover and driver to assist them in their move next month took out an online ad for the perfect candidate.

The individual must be available in mid-September, will be paid $2,668 for their services, and must agree that clothing is not optional.

The ad was initially posted to UK-based marketplace website Shift. After finding the request went against their policies, the company offered to personally assist the lovers in finding the mover of their dreams.

An application form requesting name, email, address, date of birth, previous moving experience and an explanation of the applicant’s interest in being a naked mover is available on the post.

“[Normally] we don’t expect other people to follow our traditions, however as this mover is going to be inside our house and coming into contact with our belongings we’d feel more comfortable if he could mirror our practices,” the wife wrote to Shift.

Uhmm…this seems odd to me. I’d have to pass, even with the money.