Delivery Order And Unsolicited Life Lesson

Ordering food for delivery is usually for the no-hassle-convenience but not this delivery. The driver was concerned for her customer (@erecht), so she left a note, but what that note said, is dividing the internet. Thankfully for the RING doorbell, we get to see it all.  Do you think this delivery driver wrote the note out of concern or was she in the wrong? You decide…

@erecht I was so stunned, all I had was my manager customer service attitude. Last I checked, your job was to deliver. Not make assumptions about the person & hand out cards that weren’t yours. We went on about my recovery of 12.5 yrs and she still judged me for ordering it early in the morning and how she “was embarrassed to buy it”. she didn’t have to accept the order, yet she did. #ubereats #uberdriverproblems #judgemuch #jelloshots #onlygodcanjudgeme #fyp #holidays ♬ original sound – Erecht

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