Dog Saves 81-yr-old Owner From Water

A dog in South Florida saved her 81-year-old owner from drowning after his wheelchair skid down a bank and into a lake.  Port St. Lucie resident Harry Smith had taken his dog Sarah for a walk near his home when his electric wheelchair “lost traction,” and slid down the bank, flipping him into the lake.

In a Facebook post which can be seen here, Port St. Lucie Police Department said that Smith, who cannot swim, began shouting for help as he struggled to stay afloat. The post said Smith was submerged in water up to his neck.  Sarah, a beagle mix, began to bark loudly which alerted two bystanders across the street.  They noticed Harry submerged in water and struggling.  They were able to pull him out, where he received medical attention on scene and was deemed well enough to return home.

Edward Suhling was working on a trailer with Aby Chacko at a home nearby when they heard the dog barking.  He later said that Sarah is his “hero.”



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