After their successful collaboration on the “LuLaRich” docuseries, Amazon Studios has greenlit an investigation from the same filmmakers, about the Institute in Basic Life Principles. That fundamentalist organization is associated with the Duggars, the famous reality TV family that has become the subject of scrutiny since it was exposed in 2015 that Josh Duggar had molested his sisters and other kids. Earlier this month, Duggar was convicted of possessing child pornography and faces years in prison.

Here’s its logline: “On the heels of Josh Duggar’s explosive criminal trial, the untitled project will expose shocking connections between some of reality television’s most famous large families and The Institute in Basic Life Principles, a controversial fundamentalist organization and homeschooling empire. In addition, prominent commentators, writers, and social media voices will explore the broader zeitgeist of reality television, social media, faith, fundamentalism, patriarchy, and power.”   The series is currently aiming for a 2023 release date.



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