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Father Enraged After Teacher Cuts His Daughters Hair

Teacher and students using flash cards in classroom

A Michigan dad named Jimmy Hoffmeyer said his daughter, Jurnee, came home from school recently with some of her hair missing.

A student on her bus had cut the length of one side off on her ride home.

That day, he took Jurnee to a salon to get her hair evened out. Jurnee came home from school the next day with ANOTHER haircut, and told her father that this time it was cut by a library teacher — trying to “even it out”.

The explanations Hoffmeyer has received from the principal and the district have done nothing to help the situation. The school’s principal said the most that could happen to the library teacher was a note in her work file. The district’s superintendent, meanwhile, offered to have “I’m sorry” cards mailed to the family. Hoffmeyer says he’s now moving his daughter to a new school.

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