A new survey reveals that luxury hotels have to deal with guests stealing mattresses more often than anyone would’ve guessed. In fact, five-star hotels are actually more likely to see large items go missing as opposed to smaller, easier-to-conceal items. The nonscientific survey questioned 634 four-star hotels and 523 five-star hotels located primarily in Europe. Among the fun facts revealed: guests will most likely attempt to take the mattress at night when the reception desk isn’t open. What people attempt to steal also varies based on the quality of the hotel. While five-star hotels are more likely to find larger items (like televisions and coffee machines) gone missing, four-star hotels will see batteries and remotes stolen. Five-star hotels are less likely to report thefts, however, because they don’t want to be connected with any crime. Bathrobes and hangers are also commonly stolen, but are presumably easier to replace.