By Willy J – The common man loves a good ole wedding. It’s a good excuse to get together with friends, have some drinks and get down on the dance floor. But there are always the classic wedding festivities like the bouquet and garter toss that most men are afraid of. Most won’t admit it, but when they see their girl walk out onto the stage to catch that bouquet, their stomachs drop. I don’t know how many people actually stick to the rule, but if you catch the bouquet, you have to be the next person at the wedding to get married, but that’s what is supposed to happen, and this guy knew that…

That man absolutely darts out of there. That is something not many men have the balls to do but this dude really didn’t want to get married. I love how once she catches the flowers all you see is a man flash in front of the camera.

I can’t tell if he was doing this to be funny or if this man was actually trying to get as far away from the girl he is now “supposed” to marry as possible. Also that jump over the fence was out of pure fear. He wouldn’t be able to jump over that thing in any other situation. The thought of getting married brings out the Bo Jackson in us men. You know by now he is halfway across the country hauling 90 in his F-150.