Gym Manager Threats To Employees Backfires

A photo of a flyer threatening gym employees with retaliation for discussing their wages has gone viral after an alleged staff member shared it on social media.  The post was on Reddit but has since been deleted.

“Attention all subordinates,” began the note allegedly taped to a break room wall by a gym manager in Frankfort, Kentucky, on Thursday.  “Effective immediately, conversing about wages (both on duty and off duty) is strictly forbidden. This is considered proprietary information and as such, it is protected legally. If you are overheard speaking (OR LISTENING TO!!) a conversation in which wages are discussed, you will receive disciplinary action up to and including termination.”

The employees responded….

“Yo Jer-Bear,” began the snarky response. “Seeing as you’re a manager in the great illustrious world of Planet Fitness gym franchises, it may behoove you to become familiar with the laws pertaining to it. Sprinkling legalese and word-salad across an 8.5×11 paper you printed does not a legal doc make.”  The poster pointed out three links to a National Labor Relations Board web page detailing workers’ rights to discuss their wages.

Have you ever had a manager overstep their legal boundaries to only have it backfire?

Read the full story HERE.

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