By Willy J – Yea this guy needs to chillllllll. I mean sit him down and feed this guy some ice cream because he is freaking out. I’ve never seen anyone act so terrified because of a dead animal. It’s a dead squirrel if you can’t tell, which means it’s not going to do anything to you! I will admit, it took me a few years in my childhood to face my fears with dead animals, but I learned and grew out of it. This guy looks mature and he would be scared of a dead worm on the ground.

Listen I feel bad. He could’ve been having the crappiest day and that little slip up just put him over the edge. The squirrel unfortunately died and he had to pick it up. Growing a pair to actually pick it up probably took a lot. He went to do it and took one wrong step and down he went. To make things the absolute worst, the squirrel lands on his shoulder, which causes him to scream and lose it.

After thinking, it could be worse. The squirrel could’ve landed in the pool. And let’s be real, this guy is kicking it with a sick set up. Clean pool, nice patio, and cool shaded area for drinks by the pool. Come on man, you own a pool, you can’t be afraid of anything.