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Is T. Swift hinting at her new album??

Look at these posts from Taylor on the ‘gram.


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THESE ARE HINTS TO HER NEW ALBUM!!! TS7, as Swifties are calling it.

It will be album #7 for Taylor, which she has confirmed she is working on, but with no timeline. The first photo of palm trees has 7 palm trees in it. Fans think this is to represent her (soon to be) 7 albums… There are 4 on the left (she has had 4 country albums) and then 2 on the right (she has had 2 pop albums) and then that big one in the center. That BIG ONE is supposedly her 7th album, that MIGHT be a return to country AND pop!

And then in the sparkly dress photo (which she wore to Oscar After Parties with her BF Joe Alwyn who was in the nominated film The Favourite) fans have noticed she is sitting on the 7th step from the top! (and that 12 steps total are featured, which might be the # of songs on the album!)

ALSO, in the Reputation calendar from her merch, there was a flower stamp on Feb 24 (the day she posted the palm trees) and EXACTLY 7 week from then there is another wax STAMP on April 14th! So maybe the album will be out around then?!

You might think I’m sounding crazy but fans have diven WAAAAY deeper than me. And you just know Taylor is online Watching. It. All. and loving the fan speculation and whether they are guessing her clues correctly or not!!



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