KIM KARDASHIAN is becoming a LAWYER.  Yes, it’s happening.

She’s not going to law school.  In a new interview with Vogue, Kim says she’s doing it through California’s “reading the law” program, where you study on your own and work with a practicing attorney.

She’s doing a four-year apprenticeship with a firm in San Francisco, and she plans to take the bar exam in 2022.

Helping PRESIDENT TRUMP with prison reform was the turning point for Kim, but she says her interest in law goes back to seeing her dad, Robert Kardashian, work on the O.J. Simpson case.

Quote, “My dad had a library, and when you pushed on this wall there was this whole hidden closet room, with all of his O.J. evidence books.  On weekends I would always snoop and look through.  I was really nosy about the forensics.”

VAN JONES from CNN has been working on prison reform with Kim, and he gives her MASSIVE credit for being able to get Trump on board.  And he says she’s not what most people think she is.

Quote, “This is the daughter of an accomplished attorney and the mother of three black kids who is using her full power to make a difference on a tough issue and is shockingly good at it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kim discussed KANYE WEST’s bipolar disorder.  Quote, “It is an emotional process, for sure.  Right now everything is really calm.  But we can definitely feel episodes coming, and we know how to handle them.”

She adds that medication is “not really an option, because it just changes who he is.”