Kylie shares new name AND PICS of her baby boy

Kylie Jenner is finally showing off her baby boy almost a year after he was born.  The reality star has finally posted the first photos where his face is in clear view, while also declaring his new name.  The new mom did a photo dump, which contained 4 pictures of her son, whom she delivered in February 2022. The first pic shows her cradling her little one and taking a mirror selfie, the 2nd and 4th slides show him solo, and the 3rd is of a photo shoot.  The captions read, “AIRE.” Unclear how that pronunciation goes, but the mystery is finally solved after months of keeping both her child and his new moniker under wraps.  What do you think of the name that Kylie chose for her son?

P.S. Apparently in Arabic… “aire” means… ahem… the male equivalent of where the sun don’t shine!


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