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A clearer explanation for the confusion over whether Lady Gaga would perform at this year’s Academy Awards.  The singer/actress was filming for ‘Joker: Folie: A Deux’ and according to producer Ricky Kirshner, “She really wanted to do something. She honestly was shooting her movie [the ‘Joker’ sequel] — there was no trickery involved. And Thursday, at four-something, we got a text that she wanted to try something, didn’t have time to put together a big performance, but wanted it to be raw and [for] people to see the real Gaga, and, with a voice like that, you don’t need much more than that.” And he’s right. Oscar producer Glenn Weiss said Gaga wouldn’t perform earlier in the week, but things can change quickly in entertainment.  What did you think of Gaga’s Oscar performance of “Hold My Hand?”

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