Listen To Your Gut Says One Online Dater

A TikToker is urging dating app users to be cautious of who they meet up with after a man began sending her threatening messages when she canceled their date.

“Met him on a dating app then texted for five days,” text overlay on her video reads. “Wasn’t feeling well and canceled. Then this happened.” In her video, Lyssa (@xolyssarosexo) shares screenshots of messages between herself and the man in question.

He started by urging her not to “bail” before essentially begging her to see him in a series of messages.  “I’m not taking no for an answer. You need this,” he said at one point, according to one message. “Alright you know I can’t sit here and beg you,” one of the many messages reads. “I learned a while back if someone doesn’t want you or want to see you. Then just let them go. Never beg for them to want you or see you. Obviously, you made your choice and have no interest in seeing how amazing this could be. I’m definitely pretty hurt though.”

When she tells him his responses are scaring her, he doubles down and insists that she is being unreasonable because he just wants to see her. She ends things with him, referring to the way he is acting as “intense.”

@xolyssarosexo PSA…. Be careful of strangers and listen to your gut!!! He was completely normal before this and it gets worse #fyp #fypシ #stalker #datingfail #psycho ♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) – howlingindicator

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