Source – We analyzed search trends to find the most popular Halloween candy in every state so you don’t have to guess. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups swept the nation as the most popular candy in 12 states. AirHeads, Nerds, SweeTarts and Gummy Worms were the least popular, rounding out the list with just one state each.

But Reese’s isn’t the most popular in big cities – that honor goes to M&Ms, which are the crowd favorites in New York City, San Antonio, San Diego, Fort Worth and Columbus.

By Willy J – This is not a drill. This is not a joke. Hot Tamales. Yes, HOT  TAMALES, has been named the most popular Halloween candy in Nebraska…


Listen It’s not that I don’t like the candy. If I get a sweet tooth and the only candy on the table are Hot Tamales, then I’ll have a couple. But in no way do I believe they are the most popular candy in Nebraska. NO WAY!

Are Hot Tamales a Midwest thing? Hot Tamales are like Kaplan University, USELESS! I can think of three candies that I’ve seen being eaten by Nebraskan’s in the last week. I’ve seen Snickers, Skittles, and Kit Kat’s. Never have I ever seen anybody eating Hot Tamales on the streets of Nebraska. The sample size for the survey is only 2,004 people, so the 40 people from Nebraska have got to be degenerate candy lovers. STARBURSTS ALL THE WAY!

Don’t be that guy and give out Hot Tamales for Halloween this year. Put in a little effort, just because you like them doesn’t mean everybody else does. Give out Reese’s and Sweet Tarts. Don’t be that guy that ruins Halloween by giving out Hot Tamales.