What was initially meant to be a thoughtful gesture on senior night for Lake Hamilton boys basketball team manager Andy Tolleson turned into a life-changing event that has now swept the country.

Tolleson was given an opportunity to suit up for the Wolves to start Tuesday night against El Dorado and made the most of it by scoring 11 points, most notably hitting three shots from 3-point range that have now been seen by millions and featured on the Today show.

Tolleson has been the team manager for the past four years and basketball is his passion. It was his desire to be a part of the team as a player, but cerebral palsy has held him back from being able to fully develop his basketball skills. He was given the opportunity to try out last spring, and he did not make the team, but Pennington reiterated to him how big his role is in making sure the players have clean towels and plenty of water and running the clock during practice.

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