OK, Paula Abdul didn’t sing a lick last night during the Billboard Music Awards…. it is what it is. BUT, she danced. Her. 56 year old BOOTAY OFF! Seriously, she’s 56! I was SO impressed with how amazing she still looks and obviously how in shape she still is to do that dancing and those moves! Bravo, Paula. Didn’t care at all that she didn’t sing. Sorry, not sorry.

AND, were we impressed with Mariah’s medley of hits?? I was! She actually hit that screechy high whistle note she’s known for once even! Does she sound even as close to as good as she did in her prime in the 90s?? No. Of course not. But she still sounded good. AND, was kinda funny in her speech – poking fun of herself even! I love it!

Luckily, BOTH of these icons used the BBMAs in Vegas to also announce residencies in Vegas… Mariah for Christmas.  Paula for August. You GO ladies!!!